Thursday, April 2, 2015

I love you I love you and the rest come

Talking Persian carpet ..
The eyes Asvōtan Dmishqitan ..
Flew between the wall and the wall ..
And my heart travels like a dove above the water hands,
It takes a nap under the shadow of the bracelet ..
I love you ..
But I am afraid to get involved in you,
I am afraid of autism Vic,
I fear reincarnation Vic,
Experience has taught me that I avoid Women's Love,
The waves of the sea ..
I am not discussing your love .. It diurnal
I do not discuss the daytime sun
I am not discussing your love ..
It decides on any given day will come .. On any given day will go ..
It identifies the time of the dialogue, and the form of dialogue ..

- Oojpk tea?
- Would you like some milk?
- Is Tktefin -as you Doma- with a sugar?
- As I The best face of non-sugar ..
.................................................. .............

.................................................. .............
I repeat for the umpteenth time, I love you ..
How do you want me to explain what can not explain?
And how they want me to measure the area of ​​sorrow?
And sorrow like a child .. increasing every day beautiful and grow up ..
Let me say in all languages ​​that you know that you do not know ..
I love you ..
Let me rummage for vocabulary ..
Be nostalgic size you ..
And words .. covers an area Nhdak ..
Water, grass, jasmine
Let me think about you ..
I miss you ..
And cry, and laugh about you ..
And abolished the distance between fantasy and between certainty ..
Let me proclaim to you, in all capital letters appeal ..
Ali if Ngrgrt name, from the lips of Toldin
Let me state I found love ..
You are where you are Alumblykh ..
I became the greatest lovers ..
Let me lead the coup ..
Consolidate power among the peoples eyes,
Let me change my love .. the face of civilization ..
You civilization .. You heritage, which is formed in the ground
Since thousands of years ..
I love you ..
How Tredeni to prove that your presence in the universe,
Such as the presence of water,
The presence of such trees
And you sunflowers flower ..
The palm grove ..
The song sailed from tendon ..
Let me Ocolk silence ..
While the phrase is narrowing what I suffer ..
When it becomes speak plot get bogged down in them.
The poem becomes vessels of stone ..

Let me ..
Ocolk between myself and myself ..
And between cilia my eyes, and my eyes ..
Let me ..
I tell you the code, if you do not you trust the moonshine ..
Let me Ocolk lightning,
Rain or spray ..
Let me give your eyes the title of the sea ..
The receptive inviting me to travel ..
Why do I love you?
The ship at sea, can not remember how it took the water ..
Do not remember how fractured rotor ..
Why do I love you?
The bullet in the meat does not wonder where it came from ..
And not offer any apology ..
Why do I love you .. Do not ask me ..
I have no option .. and you have no option ..

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